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stories from my closet: Vero’s classics

Even in my oldest memories, I was always deeply in love with fashion and clothing.

As a kid, I played dress up and was curious and passionate about styling even from an early age. This love for fashion has evolved into a career as well as a lifestyle, where dressing with the latest trends always feels like a must. However, when living with this “fashion grind” we often forget the power of truly classic apparel, that offers us timeless and long lasting fashion for years to come. Some may even argue that looking “current” over decades is truly the most enduring fashion statement of all.

I’m from Colombia and because it’s fairly tropical with little to no seasons, the same style of clothing is worn throughout the entire year. Unlike seasonal shoppers in other parts of the world, we Colombians will likely wear our chosen pieces for most of the seasons. This usually means when we shop for everyday clothing, functionality and adaptability are a priority.

Here in these pictures I want to show you some of my favorite, most versatile and classic pieces that I think have survived the test of time.

These biker shorts are the oldest piece of clothing that I have, and honestly it is a mystery how they have survived. I’ve had them since high school and actually used to wear them for cheerleading practice.

For most people this is a love or hate item, and until the recent hype for biker shorts, these were mainly confined to the gym or to the courts. I have found them to be comfortable, functional and easy to style in different ways. I am now obsessed, and am constantly looking for the perfect excuse to wear them.

Here in this outfit I wanted to steer away from the athleisure mood, so I wore the biker shorts with a ​​double-breasted jacket and a turtleneck to give it a formal vibe. I then added a pair of combat boots for a touch of rock n’ roll edginess (which I’m all about 😉).

These over-the-knee boots are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I’ve had them for a while and am very careful with them, since these are the only ones I have found that don’t slip down below my knees. Unfortunately these boots are actually my dogs’ favorite toy as well, and have had to be rescued many times. (They have also endured one heel change!)

I find these boots to be so chameleon-like, as they go well with almost everything. Here I’m wearing them with a neutral shirt dress and an oversized black blazer. I like this balance of the skinny boots with a voluminous silhouette on top.

Just like a little black dress, the little black bag is one of the most important staples in many, many closets.

This bag was the first “serious” gift my partner gave me, and I can easily say is the most beloved item from my closet. It brings me back to when it all began, to those amazing feelings of new love and infatuation. As silly as it may sound, it still gives me butterflies in my stomach.

The little black bag is your outfit’s best friend. It can go from day to night, from casual to formal, and can definitely go from decade to decade without feeling dated.


Just like how the color black goes with almost everything, the same is true for the color white. A simple white jacket might not be particularly unique but it definitely is a must-have in every closet.

I originally purchased this for my college graduation. I was looking for something timeless, something I’d look great in for years to come. However, I was not expecting this jacket to become such an essential piece in my wardrobe.

I usually wear it now with more casual clothes, and I like how it elevates this relaxed cropped-t/jeans combo. Such a different use than what it was intended to be, which shows that it is such a flexible element in my closet.

This beige coat is the most recent purchase on this list of closet classics, and it is very special to me because I had to track it down by visiting so many stores. I was fixated on having an ageless beige coat that was refined and had a perfect fit – in other words, the “perfect” coat. I can honestly say that it will outlast all the other coats I own. It is made from super luxe wool fabric by Manteco, the legendary textile supplier from Italy.

Here I paired it with other legendary Italian friends: Dolce & Gabbana stilettos and white Superga sneakers. For both the stiletto and sneaker looks, I completed the outfit with a simple white t-shirt and vegan leather pants that add a cool and edgy twist.

The fashion industry is constantly pushing us to acquire new pieces and be on trend. And for us fashion enthusiasts, trends can be thrilling and exciting. However, I feel that some of the basic pieces turn out to be the most powerful, original, and ultimately timeless fashion statements.

Hopefully you may be inspired to play with some looks for your next outing, too. Just remember that being fashionable is not about trends, but a state of mind, an attitude. Have fun dressing up!

Veronica Acebedo has an MA in Fashion Product Management from IED Barcelona and graduated with honors in Fashion Design, with an emphasis in Marketing, from Colombia’s Arturo Tejada University. She has deep experience in trend-forecasting along with fashion retail and e-commerce strategy. Veronica currently works with renowned global brands such as Kappa, Steve Madden and Superga as a regional LATAM CMO, and also supports local designers from across Latin America.

all photos by Veronica Acebedo.

all opinions are our own; no free products or compensation were received from manufacturers for these mentions.

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