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london calling

My name is Jenna Mutya and I am a fourth year business management student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. This past summer, I was given the opportunity to pack my bags and move to London to pursue a marketing internship. For three months, I got to live and breathe like a local. Connecting with the people of London was what made this experience so meaningful. Their warm hospitality and energy made being away from home a lot easier. The worst part is that I miss it already.

People of London | Weekdays
The morning ritual. It’s a unique and very personal experience that consists of simple small pleasures. Opening up the blinds to let in light, lacing up a favorite pair of sneakers, greeting the bellman, briskly walking to the beat of a song, admiring fresh flowers, grabbing a cappuccino, and deciding which pastry would pair best. People of London dedicate their mornings to themselves and every ritual is sacred to each individual. Every action is intentional and sets the momentum and tone for the rest of the day. It’s like taking the scenic route and being present for every experience that passes by.

People of London | Weekends
For the people of London, the weekends are for sharing their simple pleasures. As much as they enjoy having time to themselves, there’s something special about sharing moments with their loved ones and even strangers; picnics at the park, dancing on the streets, walking through galleries, indulging in sweets, and discovering new markets. Although they only get two days of the week to reset and relax, having others included in their plans make the days feel a lot longer.

Brick Lane
Brick Lane is London’s infamous destination to buy the best second-hand clothes and accessories; vintage designer pieces, denim, leather goods, etc. There is an overwhelming amount of vendors to shop from and it’s nearly impossible to decide where to start. In a place where individuals are not bombarded by trends and fast-fashion prices, the beauty of vintage shopping is being able to discover one’s true personal style. There is something so empowering about finding pre-loved pieces, giving them a second life, and making them your own. Fashion, overall, is all about self-expression and feeling confident in what you wear.

All photos by Jenna Mutya
Creative Direction by Jessica Mutya

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