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Our FUTURE LYNN contributors seek joy in the every day, and beauty in the simplistic. While each woman brings her unique perspective to the platform, we all strive to forge meaningful connections through storytelling and unfiltered honesty.

heather martin

Senior Editor Writer

Heather Martin is a registered dietitian in clinical practice, and a dharma-entrusted Zen teacher in the Soto lineage. She is also a freelance writer often featured as the Candy Corn Science Correspondent for the TODAY Show’s online Food section. You can read more from her at her blog and Substack, or find her on Post and Instagram as @momofnorank. She encourages you to encourage yourself, and to take good care of your heart.

Heather has written essays for FUTURE LYNN including aging, not caring and you’ll love her, but also serves as an editor at large for FUTURE LYNN . 

alexandra porter


Alexandra Porter is an editor, trend strategist, and artist who enjoys many creative vantage points. Writing is the thread running through her experiences, from crafting stories in kindergarten to her BFA thesis collection of hand-sewn, poetry-inspired garments chosen to showcase at the 2018 SCAD Fashion Show. When she is not pondering life’s mysteries, Alexandra is often found at the gym, snuggling her mini dachshund, or connecting with friends old and new. She is guided by this phrase: Think with dimension, Create with invention, Live with intention.

Alexandra covers beauty and fashion topics for FUTURE LYNN, as seen in these pieces: fashion waste: from graveyard to revivalclean mascara, and dressing for joy. She also supports our community network by managing special events and projects at the company.

aika zikibayeva


Aika Zikibayeva grew up in Kazakhstan in a creative family, having a journalist for a father and a poet for a grandfather. She studied foreign affairs at the University of Virginia, where her own writing was shaped by political theory, debate and research. Her career first took her to Washington, DC and then life turned a corner and she began calling Copenhagen, Denmark home. Since late 2019, Aika has been residing in New York City. By day, she is a marketing professional at a software company, and on her off-hours you will find her soaking in NYC’s vibrant energy one step at a time.

Aika has written lifestyle pieces such as Tulum & Ibreezing through the streets of Lower Manhattan and subway style for FUTURE LYNN.

kelly kennedy


Kelly Kennedy freezes moments in time so you can revisit them. Her photography practice includes desert landscapes, stillness in everyday life and self-portraiture. In addition to photography, she is also an editorial and commercial model whose clients include Walmart, National Geographic, Hammit LA and FUTURE LYNN. Her 9-5 focuses on corporate communications. She recently moved back to Southern California from New York City. When she’s not behind or in front of the camera, she’s probably in a 4×4 in the desert.

Kelly first began working with FUTURE LYNN in 2020, as a model and photographer for the company’s Korean fashion collections. Now that FUTURE LYNN primarily focuses on events and publications, she produces high quality images for the website as seen in the piece skin tantrums.

ashley zwolinski

Beauty Contributor

Ashley Zwolinski is a beauty-loving mother of three residing in the East Bay. Her passion for gorgeous, glowing skin led her to become a licensed esthetician and award-winning makeup artist with NARS Cosmetics. Working with NARS since 2017 has given her many tools and endless inspiration. Ashley truly believes, and tries to instill in everyone, that makeup should enhance your natural beauty rather than hide who you are. Her favorite part of being in the industry for over 10 years is educating others on how to look and feel their best with minimal effort.

Ashley is FUTURE LYNN’s makeup artist in residence, providing content for our beauty columns (such as skin tantrums and beauty over zoom), while also providing beauty advice to the women of FUTURE LYNN via community events and online forums.

elizabeth newton


Elizabeth Newton currently works as an independent philanthropic advisor serving individuals, nonprofit clients, and family and community foundations. Prior to this, she founded Allow Good, a social purpose organization, and also led social and global impact programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She has a master’s degree in International Comparative Education from Stanford and an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Business Studies from Butler University. An avid outdoor adventurer, Elizabeth relishes time distance running, Nordic skiing, and hiking with her beloved husband and two boys.

Elizabeth’s work for FUTURE LYNN includes  liminality and on being.

viet hwang


Viet Hwang is a daughter of immigrants, a wife, a realist, an over-thinker and mom of two. She feels blessed to live in sunny Los Angeles where she endlessly balances her time as a sales operations director, a budding photographer, and a PTA mom. Viet has over 15 years of experience working in the tech industry and has been slowly loosening the grips of corporate employment to bring more creative work into her life through product and portrait photography. Connecting with talented women, who strive to find their best self and produce their best work, feeds her soul.

Viet came to FUTURE LYNN as a product photographer for the company’s former online business. Now that FUTURE LYNN is focused on digital content, her work also includes the lovely lead photos on tinted SPF: your rundown, and cleansing balms: your rundown.

jessica mutya


Jess Mutya is a designer and photographer based between San Francisco and New York. She is currently a digital designer in beauty, creating email campaigns, website banner ads, and assisting the creative team on 360 marketing campaigns. Outside of her 9-5, Jess fills her days staying curious and inspired by shooting film photos, experimenting with fashion, and exploring her visual style. Jess’s ultimate goal is to study all parts of the creative field to someday become an art director.

Jess’s photography for FUTURE LYNN can be seen here and here.


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