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NYC Filmmakers’ Workshop

At the end of 2023, FUTURE LYNN was pleased to sponsor a roundtable for 9 female directors to share experiences, resources, and advice on the craft of directing. This workshop was hosted and facilitated by Liann Kaye, an independent filmmaker who wholly understands both the challenges and rewards of the movie industry. 

Celebrating CLE Cosmetics​

To usher in spring, FUTURE LYNN hosted a San Francisco cocktails and dinner event featuring Lauren Jin, the owner of CLE Cosmetics.  Lauren shared her journey of becoming a business owner and also brought a suite of products for the guests to enjoy. It was a memorable evening of delicious food and drinks while meeting interesting and inspiring women from around the Bay Area.

FUTURE LYNN Roundtable

To kick off 2023, FUTURE LYNN brought together a small group of women from across the US to Southern California. We gathered for a full day and evening to discuss the challenges of finding fulfillment when societal pressures and personal expectations are in conflict with our passions. The goal was to walk away from the weekend retreat with a renewed commitment to self-prioritization and authentic fulfillment.


untethered, all the way

My hands fly to the armrests at my side as I brace myself for another wave. The metal tube I’ve been inside of for the

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take a minute

The end of the year predictably brings existential contemplation, Spotify Wrapped and Instagram Reels with tiny flashes of the last 12 months. I set out

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a heroine’s journey

The hero’s journey is a well-known narrative structure that has historically involved a man who embarks on an adventure, learns a lesson, uses that lesson

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