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Fernanda Martinez is an Oakland based artist and founder of La Tinta Art. Through her nature-inspired abstract paintings and murals, she takes an experimental and intuitive approach to represent feelings of connection, expansion, and growth. Fernanda has exhibited her work throughout small galleries, local events, and has collaborated with brands such as Anthropologie, Lulu and Georgia, and World Market. Her playful use of color and shape reminds us of the freedom found in creativity.

Danette Scheib cofounded LEMON TWIST, a design-driven brand free from passing trends, known for its highly tailored and detail-oriented women’s wear. She and her husband Eric have curated a diverse community of all ages and backgrounds through fashion, performance art, classes, camps, gallery openings, and more. LEMON TWIST’s vibrant energy and bold style comes from that collaboration between art and fashion. Danette is known for her amazing jumpsuits, all made local here in San Francisco.

Sanela Lazic created Saint Iris as a tribute to her British life and Croatian / Yugoslav heritage. The beauty brand utilizes potent, clinically proven natural and biotech ingredients inspired by the traditional folk remedies Sanela grew up with to strengthen face, body, and mind against city stress. The soul of each product is a state of bliss, fjaka — the essential ingredient to a balanced Adriatic way of life. Sanela brings a thoughtful intentionality and personal connection to her gorgeous line of plant-powered products. We can’t get enough of the Merry Berry Plump Oil.

Heidi Yang is a ceramic artist who is always at her pottery wheel in her free time because that’s her zen and happy moment! Her brand, Chun Ceramics, is deeply influenced by Japanese Wabi Sabi style — simple and poetic. She also loves to integrate ideas from natural surroundings into her works, such as Shi-De ceramic tile with coastal redwood leaf marks from Boulware park in Palo Alto. Heidi is famous for her one of a kind ceramic cake stands. We champion her dedication to craft, born from the simple desire to create.

Lauren Jin is the founder of CLE Cosmetics, a minimalist makeup and cosmetics brand infused with Korean Beauty technology. She is guided by the belief that beauty lies in embracing your natural self, finding freedom in fluidity, and welcoming the truths hidden in imperfections. Lauren’s beautiful selection of self-care basics are designed with purpose and versatility to promote a sense of ritual. We celebrate CLE’s mission to nurture our most natural state through formulations that are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. The Lip Care Trio keeps us hydrated through long winters and beyond.

Angeline Oei is a Singaporean designer based in D.C. After training at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the Netherlands, and designing for luxury womenswear brands in Antwerp, New York City, and Singapore, she founded A.Oei Studio. Centered around sustainability, artistry, and personalization, Angeline’s collection features seasonless designs that can be customized in size, fabric and style. Her conscious use of sustainable production methods and commitment to bespoke, made-to-measure creations set A.Oei Studio apart. Our favorite piece? The tailored culottes. They go with everything, perfect for travel and dressing up or down!



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