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untethered, all the way

My hands fly to the armrests at my side as I brace myself for another wave. The metal tube I’ve been inside of for the

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take a minute

The end of the year predictably brings existential contemplation, Spotify Wrapped and Instagram Reels with tiny flashes of the last 12 months. I set out

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a heroine’s journey

The hero’s journey is a well-known narrative structure that has historically involved a man who embarks on an adventure, learns a lesson, uses that lesson

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easy, tiger

What does it mean, to say the moment isn’t right? At different times, people may say it means their heart wasn’t in it, they were

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to the point

Outside it’s as though there must be two suns – one all heat, and the other all light. On the other side of the door,

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down the road now

  Even in Kyoto— hearing the cuckoo’s cry— I long for Kyoto. ~Matsuo Bashō (trans. Robert Hass) To me, there’s no better place, but people

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the words remembered

Five years ago, my child let me know he was transgender. The words he used were, “I have gender dysphoria.” He had already known for

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flight plan

If bringing a new baby home is parenting basecamp, a swirling chaotic celebration, the first flashes of a million photos, instant inclusion in a village

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Tulum & I

Listening to waves crashing on the beach may be one of the most therapeutic natural sounds on earth. The rush of water towards the shore

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mourning sun

For over 12,045 nights, I went to bed as his girlfriend or wife. Until the 12,046th night, when I didn’t. This morning, I woke up

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