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I sat down at a typewriter for this one, which seemed apropos. I needed to escape the expectations of today. The orientation of the Remington

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outfits. why not?

A certain restlessness always seeps in every new year after the emotional business of the holidays is over. When it’s cold and rainy outside, I’m

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life is sweet

In my mid-20s, I went to see the former Lone Justice lead singer Maria McKee in concert in Philadelphia. She had just released her second

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her secret self

A woman I knew for many years had a glamorous wardrobe that I only found out about after she passed away. Kay’s death was sudden

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cozy, lounge-y, sustainable

If you had to guess, how much of 2021 will be spent in sweatpants? The pandemic will wane perhaps, but we will hold dear those

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shampoo bars: your rundown

Pandemic life of the last year has given me more than enough time to consider my environmental choices at home, and some new habits have

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beauty over zoom

I admit I am a heavy user of Zoom’s “touch up my appearance feature.” A little blur goes a long way. I have also discovered

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skin tantrums

There are those times when your skin seems to have its own mind and purpose, antagonizing you with each glance or inspection the mirror. Maybe

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